The LSE Green Impact team are committed to helping staff and students at LSE to reduce their IT waste. Here you can find resources on repairing, reusing and recycling your IT equipment.

What should I do with a device that is broken and need repairing?

London-based social enterprise, the Restart Project, hosts community events to help people learn to fix their broken electronic equipment. You can find details of upcoming Restart Parties here.

Online resource iFixit has hundreds of free to use repair manuals for electronics, including step-by-step guides and troubleshooting information.

Selection of tools

What should I do with a device that is broken and beyond repair?

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) including IT waste should never be put into a normal household (or campus) bin. 

WEEE contain acids, chemicals, metals and electrical wiring that must be taken away and transported by a licensed carrier and taken to a facility where they are dismantled properly into separate components and then sent off for treatment or recycling.

Most electrical items, including IT equipment, can be taken to your local recycling centre where it will be properly disposed of. You can find out where to recycle your IT waste here.

What should I do with working devices that I no longer need?

Sign up to Freecycle, where you can give away items you no longer need (or find things that you do) for free. Freecyle is a community based network, which aims to reduce the amount of good stuff going to landfill. There are around 40 community groups in London alone.

If you have an Apple device, they will reuse or recycle if for you – and give you an Apple gift card if it can be reused. Learn more about Apple’s renew and recycling programme.

What resources are available at LSE?

  • Laptop surgery
    The Laptop Surgery provides free advice and hands-on assistance connecting to LSE resources from off-site, and connecting personally-owned laptop and mobile devices to the LSE network
  • General LSE recycling
    There are several recycling points on the LSE campus for specialist waste, including mobile phones, batteries and printer cartridges
  • LSE Skip
    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. LSE Skip is a Facebook group set up for you to get rid of your unwanted items – and to pick up stuff others in the LSE community no longer need
  • The Green Mile Map
    An interactive map indicating green hotspots within a mile of LSE, including cafes, restaurants, shops and other facilities.

Keeping your data safe

Whether you’re taking your device to be recycled or passing it on to be reused, make sure you delete your data before handing your device over. Remember to back up your files before you wipe your device.