IMT are on a mission to help LSE staff and students make greener IT decisions, and we’ve put together a list of ways to make your IT use more environmentally friendly.

In no particular order, here are our five top tips to reduce your environmental impact at LSE.

The power of printing less

Print double-sided to halve your paper usage. It sounds obvious, but it’s a great place to start. To make it even easier, all of LSE printers are automatically set to double sided. Just check your settings if you last printed something single-sided, to make sure the default has reverted back to double-sided.

Recycle those printer cartridges

Globally, less than 30% of printer cartridges are recycled, which means the vast majority end up in landfill. LSE returns school computer cartridges to the manufacturer, and there are recycling points on campus and in halls of residence for you to recycle your personal printer cartridges.

Girl using laptop on the grass

Sleep is good for you (and your monitor)

Your monitor uses a hefty amount of energy – around a third of your computer’s total energy consumption.

Put your PC or Mac in sleep mode if your away from your screen for a short amount of time, or consider putting it in hibernate mode if you’re going to be away for longer. Most Windows computers have a hibernation setting you can activate, whereas hibernation mode, or ‘safe sleep’ is activated by default on all Macs from 2005 onwards.

SOS (Save our Screens)

While we’re on the subject of monitors, let’s talk about screensavers. Older monitors used screensavers to protect the screen from what was known as ‘image burn-in’.

These days, screensavers don’t serve much purpose. Modern monitors use different technology which don’t need a screensaver to ‘save’ the screen. A screensaver uses as much energy as a monitor in use, so switch off your screensaver for greener computing.

Adjust your screen brightness

The brighter your screen, the more energy it uses. Try adjusting the brightness levels to reduce your energy use; and if you’re using a laptop it’ll also increase your battery life, too. Bonus!

Though these changes might seem small, the impact of these changes, can make a difference to our collective environmental impact if we all put these into practice!

You can read more about the steps that we’re taking in IMT to reduce our environmental impact here.