Welcome to our blog, where we talk about IMT in-house applications available for the LSE community. Life at LSE can be demanding, so getting the best out of LSE’s IT is essential to help you make the most of your time here.

IMT Apps welcome

The School offers a diverse range of applications and technology made for you. This blog is a new space where you can find lots of information about the apps maintained by LSE, such as LSE For You, Course Finder and LSE Wallet – all in in one place.

Here, we’ll keep you up-to-date with new in-house apps and features to help you get the most from your time at LSE.

What kind of content can you expect from us?

  • User guides – in document and video to help you master our apps
  • Updates – to keep you informed about any changes to the apps
  • Info – sharing information that is relevant to you
  • Events– our team’s IT event reviews
  • Apps we like – our top picks for apps

Tell us what you think

Your feedback is essential to help us continually review and improve our in-house apps. We want to hear your opinions, suggestions and concerns, so that we can focus on improving the LSE app experience. To get in touch with us, leave a comment or email us on lfy@lse.ac.uk.

We hope you find IMT Apps useful, whether you’re a student, an academic, or part of a professional services division. Subscribe to keep up to date with all the latest in-house app news and information!

The LSE in-house apps team