Our Copy Shop Assistant Neil talks us through what as day on IMT’s Print and Copy Helpdesk involves.

I have been a part-time assistant in the P&C Helpdesk (formerly known as the Copy Shop) for too long to mention! This crucial service is currently based on the lower ground floor of the Library.

In my role, I assist students, visitors, alumni and staff with print and copying related matter, including setting up accounts and adding credit as requested. I also try to help people sort out technical issues with the copying and printing software and hardware.

I start my day with the Pilates class I attend early on a Monday morning, with its calming effect on the mind and body really does help to set me up for the challenges of the week ahead. Following the session I then enjoy a well-earned coffee!!

My team is responsible for maintaining networked printing and copying facilities for students to access twenty-four hours a day. We also provide spiral ring binding for dissertation and other materials, and a cash handling facility for payment of the services.

Close up printer image

A typical day looks like…: After my colleague finishes their morning/ early afternoon shifts, they provide a handover with any relevant service issues and I deal with those that I can and forward any others to the appropriate support teams either within or external to the LSE.

The best bit of my job is the satisfaction derived when a student or visitor says a huge “thank you for all your help”.

Being based in the Library, I often get asked about things that have nothing to do with printing and copying. Although the lower ground floor desk is separate from the main ground floor service counter, I am often asked to locate various items from the library’s collections. People are often surprised that if the material is available, I can direct them to the precise location. I am also asked on occasion to provide scissors and Sellotape and assist in the aid of wrapping birthday and Christmas presents!

Our biggest challenge is one of location! With the impending refurbishment of the Library lower ground floor, we will be due to join other colleagues situated on the first floor in the IMT walk-in centre. We have proven to be a very mobile unit and have relocated from what was the ground floor ‘Copy Shop’, to the lower ground and soon due to move up to the first. All within the last twelve months!