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Francisca Sassetti

September 7th, 2017

Everything you need to know if you’re a Departmental Manager


Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Francisca Sassetti

September 7th, 2017

Everything you need to know if you’re a Departmental Manager


Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

We’ve put together a user guide for Department Managers, covering everything you need to know about LSE for You.

#1 What can LSE for You do?

LSE for You is an online system that allows you to:

  • View your students’ timetables
  •  Allocate course leaders and administrative support for your Graduate Programmes
  • Configure the way that your students can enroll for Graduate Seminars
  • Make your graduate seminars ‘controlled access’
  • See photographs of your students, past and present
  • View your past and present students examination results
  • View your students’ class registers
  • Manage office hours for the department
  • Nominate colleagues to monitor class register completion by your teachers.

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#2 Termly Report Completion Reviewer

This application allows you to choose who in your department will be able to monitor the completion of class registers by your teachers.

#3 Registers

Registers are generated in the morning of a teaching day. They are an online tool for teachers to record aspects related to the class they are teaching, such as student’s attendance and course work. As a Department Manager you are able to sign up for weekly reports of students’ absence notes and to see the completion summary of all courses taught in your department.

#4 Timetable Clash Checker

This application allows you to monitor the students who have clashes in their timetables. It will tell you who the student is and which of their classes clash.

#5 Course Leader Allocation

As a Department Manager you are able to allocate the ‘Course Leader’ role to members within your department.

By assigning an individual the course leader role they will gain access to:

  • Course Leader Register Completion Summary
  • Graduate Course Choice
  • Managing Capped Seminar Requests
  • Online Graduate Seminar Sign-up
  • Administering Student Sign-up
  • Managing Course Settings
  • Graduate Student Seminar Sign-up
  • Setting Seminar Size Limits

#6 Graduate Course Choice

In this category, you will see all of the options related to Graduate Course Choice, from allocating the programme administrators to configuring seminars and courses. There are further guides available if you click on the ‘Graduate Course Choice’ tab, followed by ‘Introduction’.

#7 Office Hours

In this application you are able to setup administrators for the Office Hours application and assign them to academics. You are also able to create the default department rules. Comprehensive guides are available under ‘Introduction’ in the ‘Office Hours’ tab.

#8 Online Graduate Seminar Sign-Up

The online graduate seminar sign-up is where you can manage all the graduate seminars taught by your department, from manually allocating students into groups to defining the size limit per class.

While the Graduate Course Choice application allows you to make changes to do with seminar configuration, like marking seminars as controlled access, the Graduate Seminar Sign-Up is where you manage student enrolment to seminar groups.

#9 Timetable Viewer Plus

The Timetable Viewer Plus allows you to see the timetable of a member of your department (teacher or student) in a specific format (monthly calendar, weekly calendar or agenda view).

Download the full Introduction to LFY for Departmental Managers here.

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