Recently we’ve seen a lot of students targeted with emails about:

  • becoming a mystery shopper
  • applying for large loans

These emails are scams, designed to lure you into giving away your personal details, including bank account details, address and date of birth.

Please do not respond to these messages or click on any links. If you receive something like this in the future, please delete it immediately.

Unsure about whether the message is a scam, phishing or genuine? Contact our LSE Information Security Team who can investigate the email for you.

The best way to send it to us is:

  • Create a new email in Outlook with ‘Scam / Phishing Attempt’ in the subject line
  • Drag and drop the suspicious email into the email you are preparing
  • Send to:

Beware of scam emails.

For more advice on how to spot a scam / phishing email please see the InfoSec Website and recent articles on this blog:


Examples of messages sent recently: