Clutter is a tool designed to filter out your ‘low-priority’ emails into one folder in Outlook. It works by filing the emails it thinks you are most likely to ignore based on your past habits (e.g. did certain emails go unread in your inbox). 

If you notice you’re missing important emails because they’re being sent to Clutter, you have a couple of choices. Either manage your preferences or turn Clutter off.

Emails and laptop

Helping Clutter Learn

You can move emails in and out of your Clutter folder to show which ones should go there and which need to be in your inbox. Once you have done this, the tool will learn your preference for those emails and will adapt accordingly.

To move emails, right click on the message and select the appropriate option (e.g. Move to Clutter or Move to Inbox). You can also move items by dragging and dropping them.

Turning Clutter Off  

To switch this tool off, open Outlook via your Office 365 (O365) online account:

  1. Visit: and log in with your LSE credentials
  2. Open Settings and select Mail
  3. Under Automatic processing choose Clutter and then Uncheck the box next to the: ‘Separate items identified as clutter’ statement
  4. Click Save

Please note: Clutter can only be turned off using your online Outlook O365 account.

Microsoft will be retiring Clutter on January 31, 2020. Over the next couple of years, you’ll start to hear about a new tool called Focused Inbox. Billed as a feature that ‘helps you cut through the noise of email’, Focused Inbox will separate your emails into two tabs ‘Focused’ and ‘Other’.

Interested in trying it out? Focused Inbox is already available when using Outlook online (e.g., the iOS and Android Apps. Go to Settings > Mail > Layout > Focused Inbox to turn it on or off.