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    Missing emails due to Clutter? There are two things you can do

Missing emails due to Clutter? There are two things you can do

Clutter is a tool designed to filter out your ‘low-priority’ emails into one folder in Outlook. It works by filing the emails it thinks you are most likely to ignore based on your past habits (e.g. did certain emails go unread in your inbox). 

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  • Beware of scam emails.
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    Recent Scam Emails: Becoming a Mystery Shopper or Applying for Large Loans

Recent Scam Emails: Becoming a Mystery Shopper or Applying for Large Loans

Recently we’ve seen a lot of students targeted with emails about:

becoming a mystery shopper
applying for large loans

These emails are scams, designed to lure you into giving away your personal details, including bank account details, address and date of birth.

Please do not respond to these messages or click on any links. If you receive something like this in […]

Three easy ways to top-up your printing account

Printing at LSE costs 3.5p (A4 mono) and 10p (A4 colour) per side. To get started you need to add funds to your Papercut printing account and this can be done in three simple ways – online, via a value loader or in person at the Print and Copy Helpdesk.

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Using LSE’s IT facilities when you’re on the move

Here at LSE, IMT provide a range of ways for you to stay connected when you’re on the move, working away from campus or checking your email on the go.
eduroam Wi-Fi
eduroam WiFi covers most of the campus, including lecture theatres, classrooms and LSE cafes and restaurants.

You can connect to eduroam from hundreds of other institutions across the UK, and […]

OneDrive vs SharePoint: Which one should I use?

When do I use OneDrive, and when should I use SharePoint? We’ve put together a handy infographic to help you choose the best best cloud-based storage option for your needs.

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IMT’s top tips for greener computing

IMT are on a mission to help LSE staff and students make greener IT decisions, and we’ve put together a list of ways to make your IT use more environmentally friendly.

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Computers on campus: Where are LSE’s computers?

Thought the Library was the only place to go when you need some computer time?

Whether you need a PC, laptop or iMac, we’ve got you covered, with a total of seven locations across campus where you can access out IT facilities.

Finding a computer on campus

You can find computers everywhere from the Old Building to the Saw Internet Café, and […]

IT Tip: Ensure your anti-virus software is up to date!

Desktop and laptop computers using the LSE network must run anti-virus software.  This not only protects your own data and documents but also keeps the network as a whole secure.

To help you stay safe online, LSE provides free Sophos anti-virus software to all students and staff, which is suitable for use on PC, Mac and Linux devices.

Once you’ve loaded […]

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What happens if my email is hacked?

If your email is hacked, there are a number of consequences. To begin with, you may lose your important data – giving away your username and password gives someone free access to delete all of your files and email. IMT also have to go through a number of processes to ensure that your account is secure and this takes […]

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