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Why are they trying to hack my LSE account?

Spammers and hackers are always trying to gain access to email accounts, but LSE is a particular target.

LSE has a strong reputation

If an email is sent from an LSE address, receivers are more likely to open it. Spammers and hackers are hoping to trick even more people by getting them to open suspicious emails in the first place.

LSE is […]

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What happens when your computer is infected?

The National Crime Agency reported that last year, 10,731 people reported to Action Fraud that they had fallen victim to a virus, malware or spyware on their computer or mobile. 40% of victims occasionally didn’t download the latest software updates right away on their computers, and 37% occasionally didn’t install security software, leaving them vulnerable to digital attacks. Viruses […]

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Spotting email scams

Scam emails try to trick you into giving away information that can be used to hack your accounts. However, they are often quick and easy to identify:

Generic greetings
Urgent wording
Short, vague messages
Requests for your personal information
Poor spelling and grammar

Don’t fall for it. If in doubt, don’t click. Report it to and help keep your accounts secure.

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Training in Learning Technologies and Social Media

The Centre for Learning Technology supports staff in the use of technologies to enhance teaching and learning. CLT run a variety of courses on various learning technologies and getting started with social media in a teaching and learning context. Here are some of the courses running this month:

Introduction to Blogging
Introduction to Twitter and Microblogging
Developing Your Web Presence
Finding and Using […]

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Get your free antivirus software!

Antivirus software provides a level of protection against the most common and prevalent malware threats, helping to safeguard your computer or device, and any other also connected to the LSE network. LSE’s Antivirus Policy states that antivirus software must be installed on LSE-owned computers. To help prevent your files being compromised, you should also install antivirus software on your […]

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Alternative IT study spaces

Looking for a PC? Don’t just look in the Library!

There are computer rooms in the Old Building, 20 Kingsway, 32 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Clare Market, Clement House, King’s Chambers, Lincoln Chambers, New Academic Building and St Clements. See a full list of computer room locations and the number of PCs available in each one.

Computer classrooms in St Clements are also […]

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Correctly format your academic paper

The IT Training team have a number of useful resources for fixing those annoying formatting problems with your academic papers. Take a little time now so that you can spend the rest of your time producing brilliant research!

On the Formatting an Academic Paper webpage you will find:

Downloadable resources
Links to self-paced, student-led workshops
Links to drop-in PhD Thesis Surgeries
A short video […]

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Voicemail and call forwarding tips

If you have been migrated to the new telephone system, there are a few key shortcuts you can use to access useful functions such as voicemail and call forwarding. Remember not to list the receiver prior to using the shortcuts.

To access your voicemail:
1. Dial 88
2. Press the Dial button
3. When prompted, enter your 5-digit passcode followed by #
4. Follow […]

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Aligning objects in PowerPoint

Save time when creating PowerPoint presentations by taking the guess work out of whether or not your objects are aligned.

By default, you will see small dotted lines called gridlines and a larger cross of dashed lines called drawing guides on your slides. Either of these may be sufficient to align your objects. However, you can go further by turning […]

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Animations in PowerPoint

There is something called “Death by PowerPoint”, you may have heard of it. There are many reasons this can happen. One cause is the overuse of text, cramming your slides full of words, and then there is the lack of movement. Movement – animation – can help maintain interest. You can apply animation to text and images.

To apply animation, […]

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