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Access your emails and files off-campus

Even if you’re away from campus, you can still connect to email, your H: space and any shared drives from your own computer.

Access your LSE email
Connect via the VPN. Use this to access your H: space and any shared drives.
Connect via the Remote Desktop. Use this to work in a window that resembles the LSE desktop. You can use […]

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Connect to eduroam wireless

If you are currently connecting to the Wireless Network using lsesecurewifi or lsebasicwifi, please note that over the next few months IMT will be migrating users onto the eduroam wireless network service to improve security and to simplify services.

eduroam is the recommended wireless network in use at LSE which allows secure connectivity across campus, including in major lecture […]

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Receive your voicemail by email

Concerned about missing voicemail messages? The new telephone system in use by staff allows you to easily configure your settings so that you are automatically emailed either a notification of a voicemail, or the voicemail itself as an attachment.

To receive your voicemail as an email:

1. Click on Services on the Telephony Toolbar
2. On the left-hand side menu, click […]

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Key shortcuts for the new telephone system

If you are a member of staff and have been migrated to the new telephone system, there are a few key shortcuts you can use to access useful functions such as voicemail and call forwarding. Remember not to lift the receiver prior to using the shortcuts.

To access your voicemail:
1. Dial 88
2. Press the Dial button
3. When prompted, enter […]

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Safe posture and avoiding RSI, February 18th

Working at a computer for long periods of time can lead to pain and discomfort. If you have ever sat at a computer or a laptop and have experienced pain in your hands, neck, wrists and back, come along to the Safe Posture and Avoiding RSI session to learn how to achieve good posture and prevent these aches and […]

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Working off-campus during the Tube Strike

With the 48-hour Tube strikes, you may want to consider the options IMT provide for working off-campus.

Access your LSE email
Connect via the VPN. Use this to access your H: space and any shared drives.
Connect via the Remote Desktop. Use this to work in a window that resembles the LSE desktop. You can use this to access your H: Space.

See […]

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Free IT training for staff and students in Lent Term

Free IT Training workshops are running through Lent Term only. Learn something new or just improve your skills in Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook.

Some of the workshops available:

Excel 2010: Formulas and Common Functions
Excel 2010: Data Analysis
Word 2010: Formatting an Academic Paper
PowerPoint 2010: Polished Presentations in 10 Steps

You can also receive an attendance certificate detailing the training courses you have […]

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Working off-campus

If you’re keen to do some work over the Christmas break, IMT offer a number of ways to access the network when you’re away from campus.Access your LSE emailConnect via the VPN and access your filesConnect via the Remote Desktop and access your filesSee also the Working Off-Campus Guides and FAQs.

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Mobile printing – the faster way to print

The Mobile Printing service makes printing your documents on campus easier.

With Mobile Printing, there’s no need to go through a complicated procedure to connect your own laptop to a campus printer. You can print from your own device in three simple ways:

Email your document as an attachment
Upload your document to a web page
Download a driver and print directly from […]

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Struggling with statistical or qualitative software?

Software surgeries can help you answer questions regarding software like SPSS, Nvivo and Stata but there are further resources available for self-study.

The Department of Methodology have a series of tutorials on Youtube for statistical and qualitative analysis software. There are also other online tutorials that provide demo data for you to work with.

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