Last-minute office hours

If you’re a student at LSE, make sure you don’t miss out on the final week to meet with your teachers!

June Update

We continue to put an intense effort into SharePoint. Working with Systems and Networks we were able to meet a June deadline for an implementation of a ‘Career Development Review’ form. We are now striving to implement ‘Team Sites’ within a cloud hosted ‘Office 365’.

We have taken ownership of a number of Library Applications and have just released a […]

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LFY Photoboards Enhancement

LFY Photoboards can now show the mode of study (Full Time vs Part Time) of students. Just tick the relevant box to display the information when you use the Taught Students / Advisee (Photographs) and other photoboards related applications in LSE for You.

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Caroline, Chen and Ron attended this year’s QCon. Its a big conference which covers the current state of software development, management and best practice. This year there were tracks on Big Data, HTML 5 & Javascript, Java, Computer Science, Apps in the Web, The Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Agile, People vs Process, Resilience, Mobile, Privacy and Reactive Programming. […]

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EU Kids

We are providing a set of tools and screens to support the uploading and publishing of research data for this European wide project.

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We are migrating our current messaging middleware over to the, wonderful, RabbitMQ. We are collaborating with the CLT to use this technology to support the LSE for You/Moodle integration.

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Sharepoint development moves to Enterprise Development

From today, 24th February, the Enterprise Development team takes responsibility for Sharepoint development. Vijay, a Sharepoint developer, has moved to our team from the Development Team. We have started working with Systems, the DBAs and the PMO on the Sharepoint implementation project. As a java shop we face the challenge of picking up the skills required […]

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Integrating a ‘cloud based’ applicant handling system with the LSE’s infrastructure.

The Academic Registrar’s Division have recently completed a migration to a new online applicant handling system. This is a remotely hosted system. There are a number of challenges when implementing a new system like this, in particular around identity management and integration with existing systems. The Enterprise Development Team have worked in partnership with the ARD and their supplier, […]

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What’s new in LSE for You

We have been busy over the summer on a number of projects which affect the content or framework of LSE for You and the way in which it integrates with third party services.

Research Students have been included in Graduate Course Choice and will now be able to select their taught courses using the same screens as Taught Masters students.  […]

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LSE Summer School

This year’s Summer School was administered by software provided by the eDevelopment Team.  This software allowed applicants to the Summer School to track the progress of their application to the School and, after starting at the LSE, to view their attendance as entered by Summer School teachers who used pages within LSE for You to keep ‘class registers’.    Summer […]

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