Office Hours – search for an Acadmic

Office Hours, an application hosted in LSE for You to enable students to make appointments with their teachers, has been enhanced.  Students no longer have to navigate to an academic via the academic’s department, but can now also search for an academic by name.

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LSE for You and Moodle

Moodle and LSE For You have recently had their ‘Look and Feel’ aligned, they now share much in the way of styling and have a common menu bar at the top of the page. This work complements the shared sign on supported by the Central Authentication Service. The Centre for Learning Technology, who support Moodle, and the eDevelopment Team, […]

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LSE for You version 2.0 is being de-commissioned

LSE for You version 2.0 was being kept alive to support the Graduate Admissions Tracker, which wasn’t fully functional in the latest version of the portal, 2.5. The Admissions Tracker has been re-factored to work properly in the latest version of the portal, so we will be switching off version 2.0 on the 1st June.

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Messages in LSE for You

Messages have now replaced the place-holder front-page of LSE for You.  These messages are provided by the people who provide content in LSE for You.  Messages can be targetted at particular communities within the School, so you should only see messages which are of relevance to you.

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Additional content server for LSE for You

An additional content server has been installed to support LSE for You.  We now have 2 front end servers (which interact with you, the user) and 2 main content servers (which supply your content to the front end servers), with load balancers in front of both sets of servers.  This should improve both the resilience and the performance of […]

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New front page for LSE for You

Friday May 6th will see the introduction of a new front page in LSE for You.  This new page will display messages from Departments who have content hosted in LSE for You, to targetted groups of their customers.

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February Update

Recently we’ve been seeking the cause of erratic response times of some applications within the new portal.  We’ve had some success and  we are currently getting average turn-around times from LSE for You about 3 times faster than this time last week, with 5 fold improvements on average times for specific applications.

Our other major issue has been the stability […]

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Progress report

Nothing posted here for a long time.  Just about all of our time in Michaelmas was taken up with support and maintaining the 90+ applications in our portfolio.  In particular we’ve had follow up work to do on the applications released shortly before the start of session to get them ready for the Lent Term.  So we’ve spent much […]

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Office Hours – new Quick Start Guide

If you are new to the LSE for You Office Hours application  then you will probably welcome Bradley Barlow’s excellent new Quick Start Guide to Office Hours.

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Departmental Tutor Class Group Change Request Screen

We have received a number of complaints that the emails which are generated by this screen in LSE for  You are sent as a registry email address, which can hinder communication with the student.  Accordingly we have re-worked this aspect of the Class Group Change Request screen to set the ‘reply-to’ address as that of the Departmental Tutor.

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