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Our blog promotes evidence-based analysis and commentary around the subjects of our Open Access books and journals. We aim for a wordcount of approximately 600-1k words for pieces on the LSE Press blog site. Paragraphs should be made up of no more than six sentences. Sentences shouldn’t be too long – try to cut out any unnecessary words and sentences as this loses the
reader’s attention.

Use hyper-links instead of citations or references. The reader should be able to follow the links to find out more about your information source. If you are unsure how to create hyperlinks, simply place the URL in parentheses where you would like it placed and we will do the rest.


The best posts typically have the following elements:

  • Relevance – A clear link to a topical issue, decision or institutional consultation.
  • Research – A new piece of research evidence, or reference to an academic debate or theory that is relevant to current issues.
  • Relaxed style – Blogs tend to be direct and informal in order to be accessible to a wider audience.
  • Reading further – Abundant links to additional sources and useful evidence.


Queries regarding editorial submissions to the LSE Press blog: e.potts(@) 

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