From 26th February to 2nd March, London School of Economics holds its 5th Annual Literary Festival. To celebrate and support the event, four LSE academics read from their favourite works of fiction in the second part of this special series from the LSE Review of Books


The annual LSE Literary Festival offers a space for thought, discussion, and analysis, and encourages interaction between authors and academics. With this in mind, the LSE Review of Books team asked LSE faculty to read from their favourite books.

In this second edition of the Favourite Works of Fiction Podcast series, we hear from Professor Odd Arne Westad, Director of LSE IDEAS, reading from Knut Hamsun’s Sult;Professor John Van Reenen, Director of the Centre for Economic Performance, reading from the non-fiction essay The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte by Karl Marx; Dr Fatima El Issawi, Research Fellow at POLIS, reading from The Messenger With Her Hair Long to the Springs by Lebanese poet Ounsi el-Hajj; and Dr Simon Glendinning, Reader in European Philosophy and Director of the Forum for European Philosophy, reading from Franz Kafka’s short story Before the Law.

In another Academic Inspiration: Favourite Works of Fiction Podcast Series, you can also hear Conor Gearty, Professor of Human Rights Law, reading from Kafka’s The TrialMary Evans, Centennial Professor at the Gender Institute, reading from Louisa Alcott’s Little Women; and Sonia Livingstone, Professor of Social Psychology at the Department of Media and Communications, reading from Anthony Trollope’s The Warden.

Presented by Amy Mollett. Produced by Cheryl Brumley. Contributors: Odd Arne Westad, John Van Reenen, Fatima El Issawi, Simon Glendinning, Dominic Muir, Cheryl Brumley. Music and sound came courtesy of the following contributors at the Phopha (Macabre City – CC-BY-NC-ND); Machines in Heaven (bordersbreakdown – CC-BY-NC-SA); Dexter Britain (After The Week I’ve Had (CC-BY-NC-SA); and Alfred Bizarro To Be Exactly (Pineambient – CC-BY-NC-ND).
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