Alastair Hill completed an MSc in political theory at the LSE in 2010, having graduated from the University of Sussex with a degree in history and politics in 2009. He now works as a political consultant for MHP Communications. Alastair tweets as @alastair_hill.

Book Review: The Foundations of the British Conservative Party: Essays on Conservatism from Lord Salisbury to David Cameron, edited by Bradley W. Hart and Richard Carr

This collection of essays, edited by Bradley W. Hart and Richard Carr, provides a detailed intellectual anatomy of the British Conservative Party, its […]

Book Review: How Europe Shapes British Public Policy by Janice Morphet

This book considers the effects of EU membership in shaping key policy areas – trade and privatisation, the single market […]

Book Review: New Perspectives on Emotions in Finance: The Sociology of Confidence, Fear and Betrayal, edited by Jocelyn Pixley

This volume examines the seemingly uncontrollable, fragile world of finance and explains the ‘panics’ of traders and ‘immoral panics’ in […]

Book Review: Rethinking Public Service Delivery by John Alford and Janine O’Flynn

Many public services today are delivered by external service providers such as private firms and voluntary organizations. These new ways […]

Book Review: Nick Clegg: The Biography by Chris Bowers

In early April 2010, Nick Clegg was fighting for recognition, even as the young, fresh and personable leader of Britain’s […]

Book Review: Economics After The Crisis: Objectives and Means by Adair Turner

In Economics After the Crisis, Adair Turner writes that the crisis of 2008-2009 should prompt a wide set of challenges […]

Book Review: The Bank: Inside the Bank of England by Dan Conaghan

The Bank of England is a uniquely powerful, influential and secretive institution, and in this inside account of the Bank, Dan […]

Book Review: What Next For Labour? Ideas for a New Generation by Tom Scholes-Fogg and Hisham Hamid

Tom Scholes-Fogg and Hisham Hamid present a selection of contributions from key Labour figures on what the party should do to make itself […]

Book Review: An Introduction to Political Communication, Fifth Edition by Brian McNair

In the world of 24 hour news and media, political advertising and communication are now almost as important as a […]

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