Arnaud Vaganay is a researcher in political science and research methodology. Currently a PhD candidate at the London School of Economics and Political Science’s Methodology Institute, he is primarily interested in policy reform, institutions, social research and their interactions – even though his curiosity sometimes takes him far beyond these issues. These interests stem from his previous experience as an evaluation consultant in Brussels, where for about six years he observed the respective roles of veto players, bureaucrats, interest groups and social researchers in the EU policy-making process.

Book Review: Exceptional People: How migration shaped our world and will define our future by Ian Goldin, Geoffrey Cameron and Meera Balarajan

Arnaud Vaganay finds Ian Goldin‘s book to be a great contribution to migration studies, packed with statistics, maps, and important […]

Book Review: Learning to Compete in European Universities: From Social Institution to Knowledge Business, edited Maureen McKelvey and Magnus Holmén

The pressure of scoring highly in higher education rankings means that European universities are steadily moving from their role as […]

Book Review: Creating the Market University: How Academic Science Became an Economic Engine by Elizabeth Popp Berman

Contributing to debates about the relationship between universities, government, and industry, Elizabeth Popp Berman sheds light on how knowledge and politics intersect […]

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