Lorenzo Ferrari is a PhD student at the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies in Lucca. He works on European integration history and on the history of international relations, focusing on the external policies of the EC/EU. He holds a BA in International Studies and an MA in Contemporary History, both from the University of Bologna. Lorenzo also tweets @lorenzferrari

Book Review: Post-Communist Nostalgia edited by Maria Todorova and Zsuzsa Gille

Although the end of the Cold War was greeted with great enthusiasm by people in the East and the West, […]

Book Review: Development Aid Confronts Politics: The Almost Revolution by Thomas Carothers and Diane de Gramont

After decades of denial, the development community now acknowledges that effective assistance requires grappling with the domestic politics of recipient […]

Book Review: Ordnance: War + Architecture & Space, edited by Gary A. Boyd and Denis Linehan

Ordnance: War + Architecture & Space investigates how strategies of warfare occupy and alter built and other landscapes. Ranging across […]

Book Review: The Poorer Nations: A Possible History of the Global South by Vijay Prashad

Since the 1970s, the countries of the Global South have sometimes struggled to express themselves politically. In The Poorer Nations,┬áVijay […]

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