Matt Birkinshaw is PhD candidate in Human Geography & Urban Studies at the London School of Economics. Matt researches governance and infrastructure in Indian cities with a focus on urban water and municipal reforms

Book Review: Monitoring Movements in Development Aid: Recursive Partnerships and Infrastructures by Casper Bruun Jensen and Brit Ross Winthereik

In Monitoring Movements in Development Aid, Casper Jensen and Brit Winthereik consider the processes, social practices, and infrastructures that are […]

Book Review: The Rise of the Regulatory State of the South: Infrastructure and Development in Emerging Economies, edited by Navroz K. Dubash and Bronwen Morgan

This volume seeks to explore the emergence of regulatory agencies in a range of developing countries across Asia, Africa, and […]

Book Review: Corruption, Anti-Corruption and Governance by Dan Hough

Through detailed case studies from across the world, this book aims to illustrate that those looking to fight corruption […]

Book Review: The Great Indian Phone Book: How The Cheap Cell Phone Changes Business, Politics, and Daily Life by Robin Jeffrey and Assa Doron

The cheap mobile phone is arguably the most significant personal communications device in history. In India, where caste hierarchy has […]

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