These reviews have been translated as part of the LSE ‘Reviews in Translation’ project, a collaboration between LSE Language Centre and LSE Review of Books between 2016-2019. LSE students learning Spanish have translated an existing review from the LSE RB archive, aligned with their own academic interests, a number of which have been published below.

The project was led by Catherine Xiang, East Asian Language Coordinator, and Rosemary Deller, editor of LSE Review of Books, and supported by the work of Lijing Shi, Peter Skrandies, Hongyi Xin and Esteban Lozano. All participating students are LSE students enrolled in an advanced or proficiency level degree or certificate course at the LSE Language Centre. Thank you to all the teachers and students for their hard work!

The best bookshops in Granada, Spain

Isabel López Ruiz shows us around the most beautiful bookshops in Granada, Spain. If there’s a bookshop that you think other […]

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