It was great to see the Student Ambassadors for Digital Literacy again as the second term draws to a close. The main theme for this workshop was Managing and Sharing Information but before we got onto that topic we wanted to explore the role of a digital ambassador with the students.

We first discussed whether students had been able to share anything they had learnt with their fellow students. Some students were part of a study group and shared things there and others were able to mention things when they came up in conversation. But they discussed how sharing study related digital literacy concepts and tools was sometimes quite difficult with fellow students.

We discussed the role of student digital ambassadors more generally. The students raised lots of interesting points here. They felt that more should be done to raise the profile of the ambassadors. The blog was not seen as a good way of reaching out to other students so other suggestions were raised, for example,

  • A Facebook group
  • Editing access on Moodle.
  • Attending SSLCs to hear from other students
  • Booths set aside for ambassadors to run drop in sessions or even their own workshops.

We then looked at how the students manage information – whether it’s keeping up to date with new developments, storing what they find, citing it in work or sharing it with others.


Lots of interesting tool were mentioned by the students – you can see some of them on our sharing wall. We’ll see all the ambassadors next term for the last workshop, but want to thank them all for their contributions to the third workshops, which the team really enjoyed running!

Ellen Wilkinson

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Ellen Wilkinson is the Academic Support Librarian for International Development, Social Policy and Sociology. She is also currently responsible for selecting English language material from the UK, Asia, Africa and mainland Europe. e: t: 020 7955 6913