We’ve come to the end of the SADL project for 2013-14 as our undergraduates have finished their exams and are heading off for the summer. However, the SADL team are delighted with the outputs of the final workshop that gave students a chance to tell us about why digital literacy matters and what they’ve learnt from the project.

We also asked the students to tell us why they thought a digital literacy ambassador role was important

And finally we asked them to reflect on what they learnt in the final workshop about their digital footprint.

There is so much that the project team learnt this year from the Student Ambassadors. We look forward to several of them staying with us next year and we hope to recruit more student ambassadors from a greater number of departments across LSE. If any departments at LSE are interested in getting involved in the project, please do get in touch.

Jane Secker

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Digital Literacy and Copyright Advisor at LSE's Centre for Learning Technology