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Meet our new Student Ambassadors for Digital Literacy!

The SADL project for 2014/15 kicked off last week, and it was fantastic to meet our new Ambassadors for the first time. It was great to see so many enthusiastic undergraduates eager to spread digital literacy skills to their peers throughout the school and beyond.

Like last year, this year’s project is an opportunity to learn about the skills LSE undergraduates need on their courses, and we asked the students to write down the skills that they thought were important for their courses. Their feedback looked a bit like this:

Workshop 1 world cloud

World cloud from Workshop 1

Unlike last year, where students mentioned specific programmes and websites they found useful,  time management was mentioned most as an important skill for the Ambassadors to be able to navigate their courses. The responses also seemed to specify more general skills, such as discipline, communication and resisting distraction.

The ambassadors were then asked to conduct a research exercise, using Google, Google Scholar and LSE Library Search and evaluate their findings (Google Scholar and LSE Search came out as the favourite search engines).

This year, we have students from Law and International Relations participating alongside Social Policy and Stats students, and it was great to see IR and Law students engage with the project straight away and immediately letting us know about how research is conducted in their departments.

Finally, I was incredibly impressed with our four Senior Ambassadors, who have set an excellent example for the new ambassadors by taking the lead on putting together resources for the project,and helping to organise and run workshops.

With the first workshop done and dusted, I hope our new Ambassadors have gotten to know a bit more about the team, the project, and about each other (hopefully not exclusively through Google), and I hope they are looking forward to Workshop no. 2!


Arun Karnad

About Arun Karnad

Arun Karnad is the Research Officer with the Learning Technology and Innovation. He has published several research papers on Digital Literacy in Higher Education and Education Technology for LSE Research Online and is responsible for managing recruitment, student liaison, web content and communications for the SADL project. He would like to find out how undergraduates are using digital literacy skills in their studies at the LSE, and the kinds of skills that would be useful to students in their future careers.