Instead of fighting your urge to go online when studying, why not use technology to enhance your concentration? Studies have shown that the right level of ambient sound can increase your productivity and boost your creativity by keeping your brain engaged at a subconscious level.

Here are some of my favourite picks:

1. Soundrown
With a neat user interface, users get mix and adjust the volume of 10 different ambient sounds such as rain, fire, waves and so

2. Rainy Cafe
This website recreates the sound in coffee shops on a rainy day. Perfect for those who are too lazy to pop by their nearest Starbucks.

3. SimplyNoise
Manipulating the sound frequencies, SimplyNoise offers a spectrum of noises that can aid in studying, relaxing and sleeping.

By Ming Cai Chung

Sonia Gomes

About Sonia Gomes

Sonia is the Learning Support Library Assistant for LSE’s Library Information Skills programmes as well as the Student Ambassador for Digital Literacy project (SADL). She has worked with LSE Archives and Special Collections and has a special interest in collections such as The Women's Library and the Hall-Carpenter Archives.