Summer term, a term of exams and other forms of assessment for you to show:

  • what you know
  • How well you know it
  • How well you can demonstrate it under pressure

Why not make it exciting too? As you prepare for your assessments, note down all the annoying things you come across throughout the day and then use them to generate innovative solutions and enter the Summer of Student Innovation COMPETITION! The Summer of Student Innovation is a competition encouraging students to come up with original ideas to improve education, research and student life and is run by JISC.

There are two categories for you to enter, see a summary below:

Student Ideas competition:

Jisc are seeking ideas for using technology that could improve research, learning or student life and have the potential for wide use across higher and further education.

Your idea might be a small tweak to how things work or a big solution for a whole college, university or other learning provider – but you will be required to show that it could have benefits beyond your own context.

The successful teams each gain an initial £2,000 plus mentoring through a design sprint, and a further £3,000 if we select their idea to be developed as a product.

Supporting tech startup projects:

The supporting technology startup projects competition is for small teams who would like to pilot their existing product within colleges, universities or skills providers.

A £20,000 startup grants will enable five successful teams to turn their working beta into a functioning product. Your product should be at least a working beta; we don’t expect that you will have an existing customer base but some evidence of pilots with learners would be beneficial.

Closing Date for submissions:

The deadline for submission of ideas is just under a month away on 23 May, 23:30h. GOOD LUCK!

Further information on both competitions, how you can submit your ideas and links to entries from previous years can be found on the Jisc website.

Sonia Gomes

About Sonia Gomes

Sonia is the Learning Support Library Assistant for LSE’s Library Information Skills programmes as well as the Student Ambassador for Digital Literacy project (SADL). She has worked with LSE Archives and Special Collections and has a special interest in collections such as The Women's Library and the Hall-Carpenter Archives.