LSE SADL, a partnership programme between LSE Library and LTI, has on the 15th June hosted the 3rd London Digital Student MeetUp (#LDSM2016). The LDSMJane Sarah Knight & Moira is an event designed to facilitate networking, sharing of experiences and exploring new themes in the field of digital literacy and student engagement in the London Area. It is an event for Students and staff to come together and learn from each other.

The event was organised in collaboration with UCL and had Sarah Knight from JISC as the guest speaker, who provided an update on a pilot project looking into the student digital experience. Details about this work are online, read  “Digital learning experience Tracker – early findings from pilot” and “What makes Online Learners Successful? A week to find out!” for more.

Just like the previous MeetUp events, this one gave participants a fun filled afternoon with games and discussions around Open Data, Gamefication, Learning Analytics plus Digital Identity and Digital Footprint.

Here’s some of the feedback:feedback

“Learning analytics could be good for my studies… but I’m nervous about who knows what about me… so I’ll vote with my feet and start…”

“Thanks for great afternoon. Very engaging! Learned quite a lot which I had not known before. Fun! Helpful! Presenters were confident and encouraging. Useful! Great ideas!”

Great people! Bit of fun and chaos! No tea!”

Yes, no tea which was a shame. Catering couldn’t find us on the Lower Ground of the Parish Hall but we had biscuits and plenty of cooled water to keep us going until the end. We’ve exchanged #tags and LinkedIn addresses to keep in touch and follow each other’s activities until we meet again.

Sonia Gomes

About Sonia Gomes

Sonia is the Learning Support Library Assistant for LSE’s Library Information Skills programmes as well as the Student Ambassador for Digital Literacy project (SADL). She has worked with LSE Archives and Special Collections and has a special interest in collections such as The Women's Library and the Hall-Carpenter Archives.