‘Excellence’ in Student Engagement Conference at Loughborough University

8 – 9 September 2016

To all digital raise2016-aliteracy enthusiasts, welcome back to a fresh start of Michaelmas term. I hope everyone’s summer was a summer to remember, and that we are all energised and refreshed to crack on with the year ahead. This summer I had the most fantastic opportunity to attend and even HOST a workshop at the RAISE 2016 conference.feedback-6

RAISE (otherwise known as Researching, Advancing, and Inspiring Student Engagement) is a conference that takes place every year, which unites all kinds of people in one hub to educate, collaborate, and spark ideas centred on student engagement. LSE SADL (specifically Andra Fry, and Sonia Gomes) submitted a proposal to present at the conference, and it was accepted! This meant I had the amazing opportunity to contribute to the planning and the delivery of the workshop – an opportunity that would have not been otherwise available if I was not a SADL student.

Our workshop was called “Developing student-staff partnerships and building educational communities”.  We used the LSE SADL programme as an exafeedback-1mple of a strong student-staff partnership, but also gave all participants the opportunity to discuss, share, and come up with new ideas that can build an effective learning community. We planned the workshop to be interactive, thus we designed it to be a World café. We hosted three tables to discuss Setup, Implementation and Evaluation of new student-staff partnerships, and managed to successfully create an atmosphere where ideas were flowing and experiences were shared. I was really proud with the success of the workshop, and the generous feedback we received. The success of the workshop has to be attributed to both Andra Fry and Sonia Gomes for refining it to perfection!

As a SADL Student, I found it highly empowering to be given the opportunity to contribute my own ideas, and use my own voice to share my opinionfeedback-4s on student engagement. Also by attending other workshops at the conference, such as “Engaging Students with Public Speaking” and “Fast Feedback with the brain in mind”, I thought it compelling and insightful to learn about other schemes that can encourage student engagement. After all student engagement should be a priority for all universities, as this is critical for all students to achieve their potential. To participate in RAISE 2016 was an honour, and I hope this post encourages other students to get on board with all opportunities SADL has to offer.

Rebecca Quinn

Sonia Gomes

About Sonia Gomes

Sonia is the Learning Support Library Assistant for LSE’s Library Information Skills programmes as well as the Student Ambassador for Digital Literacy project (SADL). She has worked with LSE Archives and Special Collections and has a special interest in collections such as The Women's Library and the Hall-Carpenter Archives.