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How SADL got me hired

Securing a job after graduation is something that matters to a great extent to most of students I have met during my time at LSE. Some start their search as early as in their first year of undergraduate studies. Applying for jobs feels like taking up an extra course just because of the commitment, amount of discipline and organisation […]

Challenge Accepted

The Digital Challenge at first involved finding the right apps and techniques to adapt to note taking without traditional tools.
Very soon, I  had a set of tools to deal with different tasks. And got used to them enough to not restrict their use to the course I had initially chosen.

Google Calendar
Instead of having a handwritten timetable for my classes, […]

My iPad kept me awake

The Digital Challenge:
A few weeks ago, my friend Eugene told me about this challenge that he set for himself as Senior Ambassador: he would study for a course without pen and paper. This means coming up with new ways to take notes during lectures, New ways to submit problem sets and new ways to study. This was something I […]

Digital Literacy at LSE

What is digital literacy?
Digital literacy is a concept that was bound to arise following the universal implementation of contemporary technologies in our daily lives. During the first workshop, we saw a list of different definitions for the former that, no matter how different they are, all correspond to digital literacy.

The first step to achieve digital literacy is to be […]