Digital Challenge

Challenge Accepted

The Digital Challenge at first involved finding the right apps and techniques to adapt to note taking without traditional tools.
Very soon, I  had a set of tools to deal with different tasks. And got used to them enough to not restrict their use to the course I had initially chosen.

Google Calendar
Instead of having a handwritten timetable for my classes, […]

My iPad kept me awake

The Digital Challenge:
A few weeks ago, my friend Eugene told me about this challenge that he set for himself as Senior Ambassador: he would study for a course without pen and paper. This means coming up with new ways to take notes during lectures, New ways to submit problem sets and new ways to study. This was something I […]

Tools of the Trade

Adonit by ahhhnice licenced under Creative Commons
Alright folks, I’m now well equipped to take on the Digital Challenge! I’m going to be using the Adonit Jot Touch stylus combined with the Goodnotes app.
If I’m totally honest there wasn’t really any reason in particular why I chose Goodnotes over any of the other apps I mentioned before. All of the apps […]

A Digital Pen is even Mightier…

Ok, so I’ve already spoken about what apps I’ll be looking at as part of the Digital Challenge. Now I’m going to be looking for a stylus to take my notes with. This seems to be a much easier decision as there are far fewer suitable styluses on the market than there were apps.

There appear to be two main […]

There’s probably an app for that…

I’ve been thinking about what sort of apps I’m going to need for this Digital Challenge, and it quickly became apparent that there are a LOT of note-taking apps on the market. So I’ve been slowly filtering them down to what I think will be best suited to my needs.
Other than needing to take handwritten notes and play with […]

The Digital Challenge

Hey guys! I’m Eugene, a third year Actuarial Science student, and for the next few months I’m going to be detailing my thoughts and experiences as I take on the Digital Challenge!
For this challenge I will be going completely paperless for one of my courses. To do this I’m going to be using an iPad, stylus and a plethora […]