Simran Masand

Department of Statistics

Simran MasandBeing from the IB curriculum, research has been etched into the spires of my academic life and now as we embark into the tunnel of university life, I finally realise the importance of getting your hands dirty in the field work before penning down an awarding essay. And if the pen is mightier than a sword, in the era of modern day technology, be rest assured a laptop with an internet connection is that double hilted blade. As we struggle with the ordeals of a university life, technology at LSE is pretty much the backbone that keeps us going even when the laptop is dying, deadlines are trying and caffeine supplies are drying. So it was a natural course to make a bee-line to the one thing that we can fairly rely on  even in the face of most severe uncertainties of university life (will I make it back from Zoo bar not being one of them). Hence as a Student’s Ambassador for Digital Literacy, I take it in my stride to make sure technology and digital literacy, in its true form is being widely accessed and is serving the same level of empowerment across the diverse student body LSE is prided for.

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Djelila Delior

Department of Statistics

Djelila Delior

As a Student Ambassador last year, I acted as an intermediate between LSE students and the Learning Technology and Innovation Group. In exchange of sharing my experience as a student, I was given the opportunity to learn how to make use of the resources around me more efficiently.

Namely, the four workshops I participated in gave me an insight on how to become a better blogger and how to improve my video-making skills. I was taught the importance of maintaining a professional digital identity as well as  the does and don’ts when writing an essay to prevent plagiarism.

Being a Student Ambassador for Digital Literacy (SADL) comes with great opportunities to learn but also to share the latter knowledge.

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Eugene McGeown

Department of Statistics

Euegen McGeown

I joined the SADL project last year as a student ambassador from the statistics department. I initially joined the project because I hoped to gain a better understanding of all the digital resources here at LSE, and hopefully use those resources to improve upon my learning experience within my course. In return I provided feedback on the usability of the digital resources and ultimately attempted to spread the knowledge to my peers.

As a student of the statistics department, the SADL project is a fantastic way to broaden your knowledge base. Not only will you learn a great range of skills that will aid you in your studies, these skills will also help differentiate you in the eyes of an employer.

As a cross-departmental project, SADL will also bring you into contact with students from a range of different disciplines. Over the course of the project, you will work alongside your fellow students in a number of fun and engaging workshops, using your different skill sets to provide a fresh perspective on the importance of digital literacy.

For me, SADL has been a great way to learn something new while meeting some great new people. It’s also great to know that you’re contributing to the improvement of LSE’s digital resources for the benefit of the whole student population.

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Melissa Patel

Department of Statistics

Melissa PatelMy name is Melissa Patel and I am a second year student studying BSc Business Mathematics and Statistics. I am hoping to enter the Technology/IT industry once I leave LSE and when I saw the SADL position being advertised on Moodle, I wanted to get involved with the project straight away!

When I hear the word ‘Technology,’ the words opportunities, ideas and possibilities immediately follow. I think it is incredible that an individual can have one simple or complex idea and be able to create or develop it using Technology. I am looking forward to attending the workshops, developing new skills and discovering how we can increase our use of Technology through digital literacy to aid and enhance our studies. I also hope to inspire staff and students of all disciplines to implement these methods in their day-to-day work.

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Chantel Soza

Department of Statistics

Chantel SozaHi everyone:) My name is Chantel Soza and I’m a first year undergrad studying Actuarial Science. I’m quite delighted to have been chosen to become a student ambassador for digital literacy and hope to learn new skills and help my fellow students in any technological issues they may be having. Coming from a country like Sri Lanka, it was quite a challenge to adapt to the system here at LSE as almost everything is done online. Setting up my IT account, using moodle and printing were quite daunting at first as I found gaps in my technological knowledge. This is what attracted me to the SADL project, as it looked like a chance to master all things digital, and I hope I’ll be able to help other clueless first years like myself in the years to come 🙂

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Geetesh Abbott

Department of Statistics

Geetesh AbbottHello, my name is Geetesh Abbott- a second year BSc Statistics with Finance student and one of your new delegates for Digital Literacy.

I have a confession. I did not know how to use the LSE Library Catalogue until a few weeks ago. I am the epitome of a typical Statistics student. I’m also that guy who insists “printing here is harder than my degree”. My motivation for joining the Student Ambassador Digital Literacy (SADL) team is to hone my understanding of the vast number of digital resources available to us here at the LSE, to broaden my research horizons and foster a can do attitude towards technology and using these digital resources effectively.

I am in tune with the product development cycle and enjoy the feedback process. So once I have these digital recourses figured out, I will attempt to share my insights with all of my Google Search loving peers.

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Chandra Bhandari

Department of Social Policy

I got insights into the many aspects of digital life after attending four workshops and a project presentation on moodle. We discussed about the everyday usage of internet and different applications, and how we can use them to our advantage. Unlike anything else digital world preserves information in many different ways like the social media. I learnt the necessity of leaving behind a professional digital footprint.
I am delighted to join SADL as a senior ambassador this year and am excited to share my experiences with the new ambassadors. I see SADL workshops as a two way medium where each participant can discuss their point of view and take back a collective insight at the end. As an ambassador I also feel the need to share the ideas and knowledge that we gain through the workshops with our fellow peers.
Also, it’s a platform to meet new people from different backgrounds and academic interests. I am doing BSc in Social Policy and Economics. I have met people from statistics and international relations departments. Different perspectives make these workshops interesting and insightful.

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Vikki Hui

Law Department

Vikki HuiHi, my name is Vikki Hui and I am a final year Law student from Hong Kong. I am excited to improve my digital literacy through this experience and I am even more excited to share my knowledge with my peers! Technological advancement has an unimaginable impact on our lives, and needless to say university studies now are very different from 10 years ago. It is important to constantly improve our digital literacy so we can use it to our advantage in our studies and also in our personal lives. As a person very much tethered to the digital realm, I am excited to expand my horizons and contribute to improving the learning experience at LSE!

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Katie Mason

Department of Statistics

Hi, I’m KaKatie Masontie and I am a third year student studying Actuarial Science. I am excited to be a digital literacy senior ambassador as I am keen to improve my own digital literacy, as well as sharing my new found skills with other students.

In this digital age that we now live in, technology is involved in pretty much everything we do. Throughout our academic and professional careers we will undoubtedly have to use wide range of technology on a regular basis, this is why I think it’s important that students know how to effectively use the technology that is available to us. Many students simply don’t make full use, or fully know the capabilities, of the technology we have access to and this is something that needs to change.

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