SADL 2014-15: Workshop 4 – Managing your digital footprint

Filming Tips

SADL 2014-15: Workshop 3 – Managing and sharing information

Information behavior checking sheet (PDF handout)

Five reasons to use Information Management tools (PDF handout)

SADL 2014-15: Workshop 2 – Academic practices: reading and research

SADL Workshop 2 (PDF slides)

How to Read 10 books in an hour (PDF handout)

SADL 2014-15: Workshop 1 – Introduction to the SADL Project

Study Skills Worksheet (PDF handout)

SADL Moodle page

You can access all the materials for the project, and take part in project assignments, via the SADL Moodle page. You can access it here:

Student-made videos

Why is the student ambassador role important?

What is the most important thing you have learned in the SADL project?

What have you found out about your digital footprint?

Student Ambassadors for Digital Literacy project final report

The findings of the SADL 2013-14 project are summarised in the project final report. You can access it here:

Student Ambassadors for Digital Literacy evaluation report

An evaluation of the findings of the Research Practices Questionnaire completed by SADL students. You can access it here:

Embedding Digital and Information Literacy in to Undergraduate Teaching report

This report reviewed the activities of several digital and information literacy projects in institutions worldwide, and recommends a dual approach for Information Literacy and Digital Literacy skills to be successfully embedded into undergraduate teaching at the LSE. As explored in the CASCADE programme, student change agents provide contextualised, peer-to-peer support, but also important feedback on the kinds of issues faced by students, and the tools and technologies being used to overcome them and gain IL skills. The report is available via LSE Research Online.

Arun Karnad

About Arun Karnad

Arun Karnad is the Research Officer with the Learning Technology and Innovation. He has published several research papers on Digital Literacy in Higher Education and Education Technology for LSE Research Online and is responsible for managing recruitment, student liaison, web content and communications for the SADL project. He would like to find out how undergraduates are using digital literacy skills in their studies at the LSE, and the kinds of skills that would be useful to students in their future careers.