Calling all students interested in LSE’s best undergraduate academic research!

Discover. Learn. Be inspired. From populist rhetoric to polygamy and justice—meet and hear from the best in undergraduate political science research!

Thursday November 9th marks the Undergraduate Political Review’s (UPR) second annual dissertation conference, where four of the Government department’s top students will present their research papers. These papers will be presented by their authors, and then followed by comments and evaluation by senior members of LSE’s academic staff.

What’s in it for you?

Doing your own research is not just training for being an academic but also preparation for high skilled jobs and citizenship in the modern world. This initiative is an important way for undergraduates at LSE to hone their research skills while tackling some of the most important political issues of our time.’

LSE Director Dame Minouche Shafik commenting on the 2017 UPR Conference 

The conference is an excellent opportunity to listen to in-depth analysis of undergraduate work, bridging the research gap between staff and students. Given the topics covered – nationalism, populism, Brexit, the 2016 US Presidential election, polygamy and justice – there is something for everyone!

The conference will conclude with a Q&A (along with some refreshments), giving you the chance to gain an insight into what makes a top dissertation or research paper. The event is suitable for students of all years, whether you are interested in exploring some of the leading topical issues, or just want to learn more about how to write a successful dissertation or research piece (and what pitfalls to avoid!).

Attendees of last year’s conference remarked how the event had inspired them to begin research projects and/or take further study/research (for a re-cap of the 2016 conference, see:

Come along for your own inspiration!

Dissertation titles for 2017:

  1. “A Politics of the People: Comparing the Use of Populist Discourse in the 2016 US Presidential Election” – Joel Pearce(Discussant: Professor Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey)
  2. From Waterloo to Wembley: a comparison of international football and international warfare in building nationalism – Guillaume Paugam (Discussant: Dr John Hutchinson)
  3. Similarities and Differences in the argumentative characteristics of the official Brexit Campaigns – James Sanders (Discussant: Professor Paul Mitchell)
  4. Webbed Marriage: The Just Practice of Polygamy – Peter R. Wilson (Discussant: Dr Kai Spiekermann)


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