Karina Moxon (Copy Editor) on behalf of the UPR Team

The LSE Undergraduate Political Review is proud to present its inaugural journal of undergraduate research. Covering themes including Brexit, populism and nationalism, the five articles explore leading topical issues of the present day, which we believe are of interest to the wider  academic and student body.

On behalf of the UPR, I would like to thank the authors – James Sanders, Joel Pearce, Jack Glynn, Guillaume Paugam and Deborah Sogelola – for contributing their work to the journal, as well as Hanan Haber who took the time to review the pieces.

Also many thanks to thank the team of associate editors – Eponine Howarth, Bob Dong, Will Smith, Philipp Ershov and Felix Farley – for investing time and effort in putting together the journal, along with Editor-in-Chief, Hannah Bailey for organising the publication.

We hope the readers enjoy the content, and look forward to publishing further editions in the future!

LSE Undergraduate Political Review: Volume 1 

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