LSEUPR Recruitment for Editor-in-Chief 2022/23

The Editor-in-Chief of LSEUPR is the responsible for the overall management of the organisation and all its activities. Ultimately, they ensure the smooth running of each division by coordinating very closely with each Division Head which form the Executive Committee. They have the privilege of leading the journal in its many activities but the buck also stops with them and they must bear responsibility for everything it produces (or fails to produce). The ability to see the ‘big picture’ (how everything contributes to the LSEUPR’s mission) and understand how to introduce new processes to make the work of the LSEUPR more efficient and reach more people is essential. This role is also extremely rewarding as an educational experience. You will be faced with many challenges and this allows for many learning opportunities. By the end of your time as the Editor-in-Chief, you will be well-equipped to lead and manage large teams.


  • Be the leader of the LSEUPR and responsible for the overall journal management.
  • Overlook and ensure LSEUPR activities and events go well and be prepared to tackle unexpected circumstances.
  • Collaborate closely with other Executive Committee members to make decisions related to the development of the journal.
  • Initiate and organise events that serve the mission of UPR.
  • Maintain professional relationships with the school, the Government Department, as well as external journals and other groups.
  • Manage the LSEUPR official email and respond to queries.
  • Ensure that the wellbeing of all members in the LSEUPR is kept to a high standard with respect to journal-related work.
  • Set targets for the LSEUPR and help each division set its targets too.
  • Ensure targets are met within each division and the LSEUPR as a whole.
  • Ensure each division head is well supported and not overwhelmed.

Essential Requirements:

  • Interest in and keen commitment to the UPR and its mission is paramount.
  • Very strong team management skills and experience.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and experience.
  • Strong organisational skills and experience.
  • Ability to work flexibly within a busy team environment.
  • Must be a current LSE undergraduate student.
  • Prior experience working in LSEUPR is not required.
  • Fast learner with the ability to pick up new skills quickly.
  • Ability to be empathetic, sympathetic, and have good pastoral skills.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Relevant departmental/journal management background is preferable but not necessary.
  • Strong knowledge management skills (e.g. experience of software such as OneDrive to organise and coordinate the work of all divisions).
  • WordPress experience is preferable but by no means necessary (it is relatively easy to learn).

What the role will offer you:

  • Excellent experience managing an organisation of 30+ volunteers.
  • Excellent experience in event management.
  • Excellent experience in coordinating activities across divisions and bringing people together.
  • Improve your communication skills to a very high standard by giving you exposure to plenty of varied scenarios requiring different techniques, tones, and communication styles.
  • An extremely rewarding experience in providing a genuine positive change to young people by promoting undergraduate research and giving a platform to students inside and outside LSE.
  • Outreach experience by establishing partnerships and key working relationships with important stakeholders both inside and outside LSE.
  • Plenty of recruitment experience including interviewing,
  • Decision-making experience – you will have plenty of opportunities to make important key decisions that have large and tangible impacts as you will often have the final say.
  • Learn new skills in a variety of areas (e.g. blog management, marketing techniques, knowledge management)

How to Apply:

To apply please send an email to with the subject line as “Editor-in-Chief – [First Name, Last Name]” and be sure to include:

  • A copy of your CV. (2 pages max)
  • A brief cover letter explaining why you want this role, why you think you are the best candidate for it, and how many hours per week you could realistically dedicate to this role. (800 words max)

Deadline: 23:59 PM (BST) on Monday 11th April 2022

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