This year the LSEUPR launched its fifth annual essay competition, aimed at year 12s and 13s (or equivalent), to give them real experience in writing an academic essay.

The questions for this year were:

  1. “Russia’s war on Ukraine provides the European Union with a chance to reunite its member states.” To what extent do you agree with this claim?”
  2. The outbreak of the pandemic and the escalation of geopolitical tensions have cast a shadow over the world’s economic development. To what extent do you agree that the impending recession is inevitable and irreversible?  What policies should we adopt to address global economic problems?  Answer with reference to one question.
  3. “The global balance of power is shifting from the West to the East.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?

We received over 300 submissions, which tackled these complex issues with nuance and depth. Students displayed engagement with current affairs, critical reading, excellent academic referencing, and analytical writing – it was an incredibly good effort by all those who submitted!

After careful discussion and consideration by the LSEUPR Executive Committee, we are delighted to announce this year’s winners:

First Place: Magnus Alexander Gravell

Second Place: Maja Balazy

Third Place: Christian Baluta

We would like to offer our congratulations to all who participated. The hard work put into all submissions was clear to the whole UPR Team. We look forward to seeing your continuing efforts to voice your opinion on issues that excite and intrigue you.

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