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Submissions for the LSE UPR Blog: 

What makes a UPR blog?

Rather than more journalistic opinion pieces, the UPR is looking for academic essays and research. If you have a formative you are particularly proud of, or perhaps want to work on a teacher’s feedback to turn a 70 into a 74, why not share your work and learn from the process? UPR blogs are 800-1,500 words so are the perfect length for a standard political science or political theory essay. We encourage essays which  have achieved a First (or high 2:1 (67+) if you are prepared to work on your teacher’s feedback or attend office hours).

How to submit

  • Step 1: Work on feedback

As we say, the aim of the UPR is to showcase high level undergraduate research. To show the best of what you have to offer, please submit 2 copies of your formative essay: the original submission with its feedback from your teacher, and a revised copy with the suggested changes.* This is to help familiarise students with the evaluation process, and should help when it comes to exam time.

Although we don’t exclusively require formatives, the style and standard of the work required is ideal for the blog. If you want to challenge yourself to answer an alternative unassessed essay question, please make sure you take it to a teacher first to receive feedback.

  • Step 2: Submit your work

Please submit the two documents to If you have any question, please contact the same email address.

  • Step 3: Read and share!

One of us will email you to update you on the status of your submission and any final revisions and, all being well, it will be published on the blog! We look forward to reading them.



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