20/21 recruitment

Recruiting New Research Associates

Deadline: 25 October 2020, 23:59 BST

[Note: This year, we are giving prospective Associates the chance to apply for specific research projects. At the bottom of this document, you can find short summaries of the projects you can apply for. On your application, please indicate clearly what project you want to be considered for.]

Be part of a team of undergraduate […]

Academic Division Autumn Recruitment 2020/21

Deputy Director(s)

• Work in a close-knit team to pitch and publish content supporting political science
research at the undergraduate level and to introduce the field to the wider LSE
• Such content (open to discussion) would include:
o Articles and compilations published on the UPR website covering topics such
§ Introductions to the fields of political science (political economy, political
theory etc.) to non-political […]

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Research Division Autumn Recruitment 2020/21

Research Team Leader

[Note: After feedback from prospective applicants, we are changing the application
requirements to ensure that those who have good ideas but not a lot of research
experience are not discouraged from applying. So, if you have an interesting idea for a
topic to research but are struggling to find a methodology, we want to hear from you –
the UPR and […]

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Marketing Division Autumn Recruitment 20/21

LSEUPR Marketing Division Autumn Recruitment 2020/21

Marketing Associate

• Contributing to the brainstorming sessions for events and marketing ideas
• Helping to develop the marketing strategy of the UPR
• Co-creating content for UPR social media channels and marketing efforts
• Representing the UPR at events held on campus and online
• Assisting in the planning and execution of events
• Attending the weekly marketing team […]

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