GV100: Introduction to Political Theory

GV100: Plato and the Just State

Florence Liu, BSc. Politics and International Relations ’21

As part of political theory’s central occupation with understanding how we do – and how we should – think about political life, political theorists throughout history have continually questioned and redefined both the concept of ‘government’ in itself, as well as what it means to govern in the ‘right’ way. A core […]

Political Theory: An Introduction to GV100 and GV262

GV100: Introduction to Political Theory
This series of articles, developed with close reference to the LSE’s GV100: Introduction to Political Theory course, aims to offer precursory insights into the discipline of political theory through topical exploration of some of the most influential thinkers within the western political canon, as well as some critical perspectives.
What is political theory?
Political theory, also known […]