Past Research

Here you can find summaries of the research projects conducted by past LSEUPR Research teams

China’s ‘International Schools’: A Complete Eyewash?

Written by: Hanzhi Dai and Boshen Yan

Intensive research has been conducted on the education policy of China, with more scholars concentrating on the discourse of history and patriotism in the public education system. However, the Chinese “international schools”, which are relatively isolated and independent from the public secondary education system, remain unexplored in the academia. Most of these schools […]

The Opioid Crisis and Republican Vote Share

Written by: Florian Sichart, Jacob Chapman, Brooklyn Han, Hasan Younis, Hallamund Meena

Over the past two decades, the U.S. has experienced a spike in overdose deaths involving opioids. Demographically, the communities that have been affected most severely by this crisis are non-Hispanic Whites from the rural working class – the same demographic that propelled Donald Trump’s 2016 bid for the White […]

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    All the King’s Men: Patterns of Authoritarian Consolidation in the Bhumibol Era

All the King’s Men: Patterns of Authoritarian Consolidation in the Bhumibol Era

Written by: Vernon Yian, Nicole Sekhon, Cheryl Lau, Nandita Modhubonti, Aalekh Dhaliwal

In Feb 2020, the Thai pro-reform and anti-military Future Forward Party (FFP) was dissolved in a constitutional court ruling. Widely criticised as a move by the military junta to stymie potential opposition, the interference was predictable given Thailand’s historical alternation between military juntas and civilian governments since the abolition […]