I’m ‘attending’ this Designs on E-learning symposium online as I can’t go in person for the whole day.  The content is focussed on “innovations in technology and elearning in relation to art, design and communication subject areas” with, it seems, a focus on ‘Web 2.0’, blogging, podcasting etc.

However it was the format I wanted flag up.  Comments made in the online discussion will be viewable by participants in face-to-face discussion:

“Participants attending online will be able to access face-to-face discussions and contribute through synchronous conferencing and face-to-face participants will be able to transfer to online discussions whenever they wish. Communication technologies will be used extensively throughout the symposium in order to provide multiple channels for discussion and multiple means of recording and representation. Both audio and video Podcasts will be made of the Symposium and will be available on the Designs on eLearning website following the event.”

There are currently about 50 online and 50 attending participants booked.  I’ll post a report here too.