Launched earlier this week and using Moodle but perhaps not to the untrained eye!

The OpenLearn website will make educational resources freely available on the internet, with state of the art learning support and collaboration tools to connect learners and educators.

Interesting both in terms of content – though i haven’t really looked yet – and to see how Moodle is being developed at the OU. Changes i have spotted so far:

  1. The look – this is something we must explore…
  2. The ‘Happy’ face has gone – the defalut is now no image. Much better I think.
  3. The blog tool has been renamed learning journal which makes sense as it’s a more accurate description as the Moodle Blog doesn’t include a comments function
  4. Lots more I’m sure

No mention of Moodle at all… Time to explore some content…

PS Just spotted a link to this: OpenLearn content via RSS on the Wales Wide Web