I’ve just had an e-mail from Halo Vine (we had permission to digitise some of their videos in the past). They’ve just launched a new service called Online Classroom. Further details available at: http://www.onlineclassroom.tv/

You seem to be able to get lots of extra resources for £25. Including:

  • Classroom Activities: video clips with downloadable questions and answers
  • Up-to-Date: interviews with experts on some of the latest developments in your subject
  • Other Classrooms: clips showing experienced teachers in action sharing their lesson ideas
  • Eye on the News: a look at current news items by leading experts giving them a psychological / sociological twist
  • Exam Bytes: senior examiners give advice on revision and how to get good grades
  • What’s New?: the latest information from exam boards, professional organisations and universities
  • The Forum: a chance to exchange views, worries and ideas with other teachers

Do you think anyone would find this useful?