What are the emerging technologies likely to impact on learning & teaching in the next 5 years? According to the 2007 Horizon Report (PDF) we might expect the wide adoption in education of:

  • User-created Content
  • Social Networking

in the next year or less… and

  • Mobile Phone
  • Virtual Worlds

in two to three years… and

  • New scholarship and Emerging Forms of Publication
  • Massively Multiplayer Educational Gaming

in four to five years.

The report is worth a look, each section contains links to existing examples and further reading plus the del.icio.us bookmarks used by the writers. It’s quite US-focussed so perhaps add a few years on?

It’s a collaboartion between EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative and the New Media Consortium and earlier predictions are available.

I spotted it on SocialTech written by Josie Fraser who seems to be the only UK-based member of the 27-strong Horizon Advisory Board (the authors).