The external hosted version of elgg has been relaunched as eduspaces.  And I think elgg is defintely worth revisiting… I’ll certainly be having a more detailed look soon.  Just need a project  / interested academic…  Since I last looked at it, with a group of PhDs about a year ago, and decided it wasn’t quite there, the following things have changed:

  • Look and feel
  • Much improved navigation – links to your own profile, blog, files, resources (RSS feeds) are always visible
  • Your profile is more configurable
  • Community blogs can be viewed as a Forum as well as a blog
  • Messaging system introduced
  • Browse users / communities as well as search & tag cloud
  • WYSIWYG editor for blog posts and messages

All in all, much improved…

Update: In today’s seminar Terry Anderson reminded me of one of key features of elgg which we identified when looking at it previously and that’s the permissions side of things.  When posting to an elgg blog, adding a file or completing your profile you have complete control over who can see it – your content can be public, only seen by logged in users, completely private or restricted to an elgg community or a group of elgg contacts that you specify.