I’m just back from a Netskills workshop Assessment for Learning: Harnessing Technologies. It was a well-structured, varied day involving presentations, discussion and lots of hands-on exploration, which I hadn’t expected. There was stuff I’ve covered before – Bloom’s bloomin’ Taxonomy and TurnitinUK but plenty of other stuff too.

I was partly there to find out more about eportfolios and we spent a fair bit of time exploring Newcastle University’s Generic Eportfolio system which looks quite nice. It’s supposed to be freely available but we couldn’t suss out how and I must follow this up with the presenter. Over on ‘Reluctant Technologist’ (my new blog!) I’m starting to get my thoughts on eportfolios together.

Completely off topic I heard about diigo for what must be the 23rd time this month. It’s a social bookmarking site with loads more functionality than del.icio.us which we already use at CLT (LSE CLT del.icio.us). I’ve been put off so far because I’ve felt it has too much going on… too busy. However, I’m going to take another look as today I’ve discovered it does re-orderable lists which can be easily sub divided with labels (great for training session resources) and groups – lists of bookmarks contributed to directly by multiple users which is something else we’ve had interest in.