….95.7% of LSE students are very satisfied (45.3%) or fairly satisfied (50.4%) with Moodle.

By Brockvicki

By Brockvicki licensed under Creative Commons

The results from our survey carried out in June 2009 are finally revealed. We found in terms of whether they were satisfied with Moodle, there was no significant difference between postgraduates or undergraduates or with students whose first language was English.

Most students used Moodle either weekly (49%) or daily (43%) and 90% were encouraged to use it by their teachers. 84% of students said they would like to see more of their courses on Moodle. As with previous surveys, reading lists with links to full text material were one of the most popular features of Moodle. Many students now submit their assignments online using Moodle, and a growing number have some form of multimedia (recorded lectures or digitised audio /video) in their course.

On the less positive side, the use of online forums is disappointingly low, and many students didn’t seem to be aware of the Library search block. Feedback comments above all reveal that students are concerned about the number of broken links in some courses, and complained that some Moodle courses were not updated enough. Some reported problems with PDF files.

Student feedback on the lecture capture process was that it was useful to them – 51% reported they had access to recorded lectures in Moodle. Students generally found lecture capture helped their understanding of the content of a lecture, although there was no significant difference between first language English speakers and other students.

If you’d like further details, do drop us a line, and if you want to ensure your Moodle course is up to date (with no broken links!) for the start of Lent Term why not book yourself in for a Moodle MOT in early January? Further details coming soon on the CLT courses and workshops page.