We have recently added a text messaging service to Moodle called moodletxt (powered by txttools) .  The primary use for this service is to receive text messages (SMS) in Moodle.

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Using Moodletxt in Teaching & Learning

In some respects moodletxt is just an alternative communication channel to existing ones (office hours, email, Moodle forums etc). Two key differences are that texts are anonymous and can of course be sent from all mobile phones.  Some suggested uses:

  • ‘Muddy’ points – after lectures or classes students send in points that they are unclear about.  This is being trialled on LSE100.
  • Administrative Queries
  • Feedback – students’ comments on any aspect of their studies

It is recommended that responses from staff are delivered through other  communication channels.  Although moodletxt can be used to send messages these texts must be paid for by the LSE so there is an additional financial cost  (if you are interested in this then please do contact us).  As some students may not wish to pay for texts it is also recommended that moodletxt is always used in conjunction with other Moodle communication tools to give an alternative option.

How it works

Students send a text preceded by a keyword (usually the course code) to a dedicated mobile number.  The keyword acts as a filter directing the texts to an Inbox within the Moodle course.  This inbox is only accessible to Moodle ‘teachers’ on the associated course.  If you are interested in adding this feature to your LSE Moodle course or would like to discuss potential uses then please contact clt-support@lse.ac.uk

Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/87913776@N00/305425495/