Students & student data from 2010/11 will be removed from Moodle in August/September and courses will be hidden

LSE MoodleWe will be resetting courses – removing students and their data – on two dates:

  • Tuesday 30th August – most courses will be reset.
  • Tuesday 27th September – remaining courses will be reset.  Primarily courses used to collect dissertations from masters students.

If your course needs resetting at the later date or if it doesn’t need resetting at all please contact us:

The reset does not affect resources such as lecture notes and reading lists.

New for 2011/12: making your courses available to students

This year will will be hiding courses from all students as part of the reset process. This is to prevent new students accessing resources from 2010/11 that they shouldn’t (yet) have access to.  You must make your course available to new students when you are ready via Settings > Availability.

Further details: Moodle End of Year Arrangements