We had 165 responses to our call to take the annual CLT Staff Survey and while we always appreciate the the praise, the gratitude, the pure love, we usually concentrate on the constructive criticism to make sure we improve accordingly! Staff continue to use Moodle and are starting to make it change the ways they teach. That’s a positive result. However, the big lesson we take away from this year’s survey is that need to communicate more effectively with our academic staff and students, especially with regards to who we are and what we do. We revel in the comment that said “you guys are fantastic! Best part of IT at LSE.” The sentiment is great, but CLT aren’t actually part of IT Services, though we work closely with them. CLT support staff in the use of technologies to enhance teaching and learning. We aim to promote the integration and use of technology in teaching through staff development, advice and guidance, research, collaboration and networking. As several more respondents complained about technical hiccups in the past academic year, we realise we must make clear who we are in our next survey. Of course we will pass on these comments to the relevant departments.  What does fall into our remit is Moodle – technical support, training to use it, and advising on best practice. Since one respondent suggested they would like to be able to have blog feeds appear on Moodle, we have great news! Moodle is indeed flexible enough to do this and if you follow this link it tells you how to: http://docs.moodle.org/20/en/RSS_feeds_block! For more help with Moodle or how to use technologies to support your teaching, get in touch with us – clt-support@lse.ac.uk. To find out a bit more about what we do, who we are and which technologies we support and advise on, why not visit our webpages: http://clt.lse.ac.uk/ . We’re here over the summer and the doors are always open, so why don’t you send us an email or just pop in if you have any queries we can help you with.

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