We are planning our move to a new version of Moodle in Summer 2012 and need volunteers to pilot it during Lent 2012.

LSE MoodleThere is a new version of Moodle: Moodle 2. Earlier this year we explained Why LSE is sticking with Moodle 1.9 for 2011/2. We are now preparing to implement Moodle 2 next Summer. To help with the preparation we are looking for some courses to pilot it in Lent 2012.

Why Move?

The new version of Moodle is better:

  1. It will offer us possibilities we haven’t had before. It will be possible to integrate it with other LSE systems, such as LSE for You.
  2. There’s some new functionality. For example, conditional activities will enable you to control students’ access to items based on conditions, such as the completion of another activity.
  3. Existing functionality has been improved. For example, there’s a new wiki tool.

One more reason: our current version of Moodle will not be supported by the Moodle organisation in the long term so we have to move at some point to continue to offer a robust, secure service.

In many respects Moodle won’t be much different and it won’t be a case of learning it all over again. It will look different, as we will take this opportunity to improve its visual design.

Help us: Moodle 2 Pilots

To help us prepare for the full introduction of Moodle 2 in summer 2012 we are planning to have some lent-term courses use it in 2012. If you are interested in trying Moodle 2 first please let us know by emailing clt-support@lse.ac.uk. Two requirements:

  • Your course must be a Lent-only course
  • You will need time to work with us during Michaelmas term to prepare your course in Moodle 2. We will provide lots of one-to-one assistance but you will need to do some of the work to help us evaluate what support staff will need next summer.