This Wednesday is our third NetworkED (#LSENetED) seminar & we are very happy to welcome Professor Martin Weller from the Open University to speak about digital scholarship. Professor Weller will be offering us “10 digital scholarship lessons in 10 videos”, lessons that went into and came out of his recent book The Digital Scholar. The book, incidentally available in both traditional ‘pay-for-paper’ and ‘read-free-online’ formats, explores the meaning of scholarship in the  digital age. The tools our digital age offers certainly have the potential to change Higher Education – but are they being used for that aim? And how does technology manifest its potential impact it can (or could) have on HE? Weller focuses on three main attributes: digital, networked, open. Each of these aspects of new technologies bear on teaching, learning and research in ways that might explode the old way of doing things scholarly and might give way to a whole different way of understanding scholarship. Above all, they open up the possibility of actually changing practice.
We’re certainly very excited to have Martin come and share his lessons & insights with us. More importantly however, I am excited about meeting him; because I’ve “known” him so far only as a digital presence. I’ve followed “@mweller” on twitter for quite some time now, occasionally benefitting from his 140 character nuggets of expertise – I say occasionally, because I am not half as disciplined a twitter user as I ought and want to be, not because these nuggets are only occasionally worthwhile… It should be interesting to put a human face to the tweets. Well, at least I assume that he is human, and I expect he will appear in full glorious Technicolor and… that he’ll be able to speak in chunks that exceed 140 characters. I am sure of it. But I’ll only find out on Wednesday, & I cordially invite you to find out with me. You can attend in person or online and find out all the lovely details on this page: